Sharing: An art or a science?

WP_20160224_001I have a 2.5 year old and an almost one year old. The littlest one loves her older brother but the feeling really isn’t really reciprocated! He likes her in theory but in practice it’s a very different matter. I often look on jealously at other people’s toddlers being so loving and gentle to their baby siblings. But, I console myself that I’m watching the one’s who have left the house! I hold onto the hope that there are lots of other Mummy’s stuck at home, lying across the living floor to create a Mummy wall, between a besotted crawler and a toddler yelling “IT’S MINES!!!”Please tell me it’s not just me!

First off, I have a feeling I’ll have to re-adjust my expectations. Word has it, kids don’t really understand the concept of sharing until nearer 3 – that’s just developmentally the way it is😦 Call me impatient but if you’ve found a way to speed up the process PLEASE share it with me! In the meantime here’s what the web is advising:

  1. Re-brand sharing as “Taking Turns”
  2. Try not going bonkers when your toddler yells “I don’t want to share” for the millionth time. Positive reinforcement is the way to go.WP_20151216_009(1)
  3. Don’t force them to share too much or it might teach them more about resentment than generosity.
  4. Hide away extra special toys if there’s a play date. Sharing less prized possessions is a better entry level.Set up activities which lend themselves to parallel play – blocks, sandpit etc.
  5. Distraction, distraction, distraction.
  6. Lead by example.
  7. Don’t worry….you’re 2 year old is acting like a 2 year old.

Any other Mummy walls out there? Any veteran Mummy’s with tips? Is buying two of everything the only way to cope……?



2-year-olds tell it like it is!

WP_20151216_009(1)We are always so impressed by the development of J’s speech and it’s very sweet when he uses colloquialisms he’s heard around the house. He’s a teenager in the making with yes and no already turning into “Nope” and “Yep”  – where on earth did he get that from!

Some of his other classics have been…

What are these, Mummy?

while literally swinging off both breasts in the middle of Water Babies session.

Kiss it Better, Mummy

followed a by a wide opened, food filled mouth as he tries to present the inside of his mouth to you.

And even better…

Kiss it better, Daddy

while pointing to his private region! Sometimes it’s hard work being a Daddy in a public park!

Mummy, where’s your penis…I’ll find it

even Mummy’s have to pee sometimes!

You got it wrong!

Do not makes mistakes around this child. He will NEVER EVER let you forget!

I don’t like…

fill in the blank with any word in the dictionary….most frequently….breakfast/lunch/dinner/my little sister/that/it/her/him and so it goes on!

I want a fork

Nothing wrong with that except when fork sounds like an expletive and it’s shouted repeatedly across a crowded restaurant.

Anyway, I’d love to hear what other 2 year olds are saying right now. I bet there are some classics!!!