Confessions of a bottle sterilising sinner

My sterilisation sins confessed…

WP_20160229_001You purchase a shiny microwave steriliser and even clean the microwave. You place all the bottle components in their correct spot in the steriliser making sure the steam can circulate beautifully.

You read the instructions on the formula box and re-read them again just to be sure. After measuring everything in your meticulously clean measuring jug you empty the kettle, fill it up again with sparkly new water, boil and wait. You wait exactly 30 minutes for the water to cool. You set a timer just to be sure. Then go go go, get that bottle made up. Then you frantically try to cool it to drinking temperature with some crazy hand dance moves under the cold tap. Your other hand is busy trying to console the “hungry” baby.

Baby decides she doesn’t want the bottle after all. You discard milk immediately. In 5 minutes you repeat the above process again, making sure you wash your hands first of course.

Meanwhile, baby drops a dummy. You swoop in immediately. After thoroughly washing it in soapy water and sterilising it again…you hand it proudly back to the hysterical baby. Add “buy more dummies” to the shopping list.

Tiredness creeps in. You wonder if it would be terrible to make up a bottle a little ahead of feeding time? Just one. Baby seems to survive OK. How about two? Before you know it you’re secretly making up a full day of bottles and putting them in the fridge. You’re on the slippery slope.

Before you know it you’re guessing how much water’s in the steriliser and that water’s been cooling for 30 minutes…right? Can I fit all four bottles in the steriliser at once? The lid’s a bit wonky but I’m sure it’ll be OK…right..?

Ahhh, they’ve dropped their dummy again. I’m sure it’ll be OK if it’s rinsed under a tap?

You pick a dog hair off a sterilised bottle. It’s a sterile hair…right? You watch baby eat a mouldy rice cake off the floor and justify your actions.

You Google “What age can I stop sterilising bottles?”

They drop their dummy again. You wipe it on your trousers and hand it back….

Please tell me it’s not just me? If you’ve managed a year of perfect sterilising then well done. I’m just not that perfect!! Please don’t call social services…I’m trying my best:-)

My Petit Canard

5 Reasons You Know Your Baby’s Nearly 1

1. Your nose is so finely tuned to the smell of poo you can even WP_20160209_003pre-empt a dirty nappy.

Maybe it’s just me but everything smells of poo these days. I don’t think twice about going up behind someone and sniffing their bum. Every odd odour requires full investigation until someone confesses.

2. You have superhuman upper arm strength.

Two kids later my gym membership days seem a distant memory. Apart from my Sunday run the only exercise I get is running after the kids! However, it turns out that carting around a pre-toddler actually tones your arms much more than any new-fangled exercise routine. Pity it’s not really symmetrical!

3.You talk to your kids in the style of Mr Tumble.

WP_20160209_001.jpgEntertaining comments need a “That’s funnyyyyyyy” and I don’t like it any more “IIIIIIII love it!”. Leaving the house goes something like this….”Goodbye, goodbye, it’s time to run…..”

4. Strangers can guess the age of your child based on the length of your regrowing hair.

At 11 months my regrowing hair is approximately 2 inches long. Blow dry it and it sticks straight up in the air. After my first child I would have gone to the hairdressers to try to improve it. Now, after my second child I’m just ignoring it. I imagine if I have any more children I’ll not even notice!

5. You start thinking about having another baby.

Your cute little newborn has outgrown the mums and tots baby area and is gaining their independence. They’ll squirm out of cuddles (unless they’re ill) and they start to lay down the ground rules – while letting you pretend you’re still in charge. Somehow the exhaustion and madness of last year has been forgotten…..and you’re walking around wearing rose tinted glasses.WP_20150315_002 1


Sleep, Frugal Pesto and Nostrils…

What a week. B has officially reached her 10 month sleep regression. Our angel sleeper has turned into a 1am monster, screaming at the top of her lungs for 2 hours solid…every night this week. Dr. Google says it’s normal. That’s no consolation. There’s plenty of advice on the internet – don’t do this….don’t do that…but there’s no info on what we should do to switch her off (or at least turn her volume down). Any advice very welcome!! Thankfully there was birthday in the house so I have been fuelled by coffee and cake all week:-)

In other news this week I lost my “Bear in the Big Blue House” virginity. Naturally, we have the potty training DVD. I thought the use of “diapers” and “potty chairs” might be confusing but turns out my 2 year old can cope pretty well with the Americanisations. More importantly it has helped with the ongoing potty trainin
g saga and with Daddy cast as “Bear” and him as “Tutter” the potty has got a whole new lease of life! Even the dog’s enjoying the odd swig of urine from a un-emptied potty…..urghhhh!

Arts and crafts were as dodgy as ever this week with my 2 year old trying to eat his PVA glue and paper pizza. He really doesn’t understand arts and crafts. I don’t know if it’s a boy thing or if it really matters anyway? He’s just too busy on other things to care about drawing and sticking. Give him a crayon and he’ll sing into it like a microphone! Specifically this week we’ve been enjoying “Songs About Animals” by Lucie Vernon-Long. It’s great. The lyrics are really catchy and it’s a lovely change from the usual Dingle Dangle Scarecrow. Look it up at and do the Badger Boogie or play air guitar in the Rock Pool!

Foodwise both kids and adults enjoyed my attempts at frugal pesto. I was maybe a little heavy handed with the garlic but turns out sunflower seeds make a pretty good budget replacement for pine
nuts! Good job everyone ate it as I’ve got a freezer full of it now. Thanks Jami at

That pretty much sums up our week. Everyone has survived so I’d call it a resounding success! I leave you with J’s profound statement of the week…

“Daddy, your nostrils are hairy……Daddy, my nostrils are bald!”

(2 1/2 year olds miss nothing!)



Potty Bubble

Potty training my 2 year old continues at full pace this week and to be fair he is getting the hang of it. The aforementioned “potty box” was a semi success. He can easily pee for prizes! But an even bigger hit is “Pee for TV” especially if it’s our family favourites, Bing or the Twirlywoos:-)

As the potty training experience encompasses our lives we do feel quite the experts in some areas. I thoroughly recommend the Pourty toilet seat and Becopotty.

I chose the Becopotty for it’s green credentials as an alternative to another bit of plastic “tat” to clutter up our house (and the world). We’re very excited about burying it in the garden when our potty training days are over. Be warned though, it doesWP_20160123_002 seem best used backwards for boys or you’ll soon hear a shout from the dining room that “pee pee’s on the floor Mummy!”

The Pourty has no green credentials (as far as I know) but it does work well and adjusts to any toilet seat. If I’m going to buy plastic I at least want a good quality that does the job!

Apart from some pee projectile issues the whole procedure is becoming much less messy and the dog hasn’t even eaten the poo from the potty for a least a week now…go us!

We’ve had a few car trips this week nappy free and so far the car seat has survived! The high-chair is another story altogether!

Despite this weeks successes there are some questions which still allude answers…

Where on earth do you put the crawling baby sister when using public toilets?! Dear only knows how parents of twins manage (maybe they can synchronise their pee stops!)

How many times should you clean a toddler’s hands for them to turnaround and grab on to the toilet seat/re-flush/stick their head in the toilet bowl….?

Is it really only us who thought we should demonstrate what a potty is for?

Outside of the potty training bubble we’ve also enjoyed mouth ulcers and teething – in separate sprogs!

At least the evenings are getting lighter so there’s time for a walk and breath of fresh air after nap times! With one in a buggy and the other on foot the kids are suitably separated for harmony to be enjoyed at least until we return home!

Picture books and potty boxes


Potty training…arghh! This is by far the hardest hurdle we’ve hit yet. We’ve been trying to potty train our 2.5 year old since the start of December. He did seem ready and I’d thought it would be easier before his sister started to move. Now, she’s crawling and he’s regressed from being rarely successful to never successful! It had started well but now the novelty’s worn off he’s quite happy to wait until his nap/bedtime nappy goes on to have a pee and poo fest.

Today I thought we need another tactic. So, I introduce the “Potty Box”. The sticker rewards just weren’t cutting it anymore and I don’t really like the idea of food bribery (yet!). Basically, I’ve filled a box full of some of his favourite things. We rotate toys anyway so most of the items have been in storage for at least a week or two so I’m hoping they’re all pretty exciting. The idea is he gets one toy for a pee and two for a poo – same as his stickers. I’ll keep you posted how it works out!

My other recent notion is about writing picture books. I spend hours reading picture books every week and just thought – why couldn’t I write one?! It does seem to be much harder than it looks. Try getting a beginning, middle and end into 500 words! Nevertheless, it is quite fun losing yourself in a land of talking animals. My imagination has never had such a work out! Pity I can’t draw as it’s hard to tell the whole story with words – but I guess that’s the whole point!WP_20160119_012

SAHM guide to pilates

So I quite like getting a bit of exercise. Pre-kids and pre-budgeting I was a regular gym bunny and keen (slow!) runner. I loved to head down to Parkrun for a chilled out Saturday jaunt around the park! Post-kids it’s somewhat more restrictive – in terms of time, energy and money! I try to get an hour for a quick run on a Sunday morning before Church and that’s it! Post baby number two I thought I’d try some pilates to do at home during nap times so this is basically my experience….

  1. Think pilates sounds fun. Get out laptop and spend rest of evening looking at pilates DVDs on Amazon.  Eventually choose a 10 minute solutions pilates collection.
  2. Shout at dog for barking at postman when he delivers said DVD. Kids now awake…sod it!
  3. Kids asleep. Put DVD in laptop and wonder why it’s not starting automatically. Flipping windows 10!
  4. Eventually get DVD to work and roll out yoga mat.
  5. Shout at dog for barking at postman again. Kids now wake…sod it!
  6. Kids asleep. DVD running. Yoga mat out. Lie down and consider a nap. zzzzzzz
  7. Kids asleep. DVD running. Yoga mat out. Finally follow through with about 5 mins of pilates before baby wakes up. Plan to do other 5 minutes later…never happens!
  8. Kids asleep. DVD running. Yoga mat out. Do a full 10 minute session and think this is actually rather good! Repeat once every blue moon!

That’s all rather tongue in cheek but I do have to recommend the 10 minute solutions DVDs. There are plenty of days when I don’t get 10 minutes but when I do I can really feel the difference in my core strength, in fact my strength in general. Of course, I also find the hokey cokey a good workout as well, especially when holding a toddler under one arm and a baby in the other!!

PS once upon a time I managed to do 20 minutes and felt really smug!