Tails.com (review):Tailored dog food to your door

WP_20160301_006.jpgI’m no pet nutritionist and despite having a background in veterinary medicine I tended to feed my greedy Labrador cross whatever was handiest. He’ll eat anything and has a stomach of steel!  But, now he is an elderly man of nearly 12 I decided to try a different approach. Spurred on by a little faecal incontinence I wondered if a change in diet might help…essentially I was looking to de-bulk his poo! Anyway, a trial code offering 2 weeks of dog food delivered to my door for £1 was dangled in front of me and a few clicks later I found myself signed up to Tails.com. I admit I expected to cancel it after the first delivery. To my surprise, a year later, we’re still enjoying dog food to our door. Obviously home delivered dog food is nothing new but the unique selling point of Tails.com is that the diet is tailor made to your dog, and yes, it has helped his faecal incontinence a little.

Certainly what comes out the other end is much healthier looking than it used to be!

So, our boy gets a balance of “senior care“, “mature vitality” and “joint care“. What’s more, you get a scoop to measure the exact daily requirement for your dog, even taking into account whether or not they get scraps off the table. For anyone with an overweight dog I think this could really help with the diet!

The ingredient list is transparent for any hard core nutritionists out there. I was impressed by the high percentage of meat (this is not for vegetarians!) compared with other brands. The diet also includes some of the currently fashionable supplements – glucosamine, chondroitin and L-carnitine. Now, I’m the ultimate sceptic and as far as I know these supplements haven’t been conclusively shown to make any difference but they are popular and some people swear by them. They do no harm so I say, why not. It’s better in the food than me having to buy  and administer them separately! I’m also not sure my dog needs tailor made kibble for easy chewing in older dogs – he’s a Labrador – but, if you have a dog less greedy or with dental problems then this may appeal to you?

Also if you dog’s stomach is less steel-like or maybe if they have allergies then I’m sure the food can be made with this in mind. Maybe a good option for dogs on exclusion trials?

Price wise it compares to a mid range brand and considering it comes straight to your door it’s great value for money.

Anything that comes straight to your door in Northern Ireland without a silly surcharge gets a big shiny gold star:-)

Finally, the usability of the Tails.com web platform is fantastic. The website is incredibly simple and effective. You can set up your account in minutes and have food dispatched almost immediately. If you need more/less food you can cancel or pause your deliveries to suit. I’ve never had a problem.

So, if you want to try it out for yourself you can use my “Fetch Your Friends” code: LAURAVHH. You will get 2 weeks of tailored dog food to your door for £1. There is no catch and you can very easily, with one click of a button, cancel your account if you’re not impressed. If you use my voucher code I will get £10 credited to my account but the truth is I was half was through writing this review before I even realised the “Fetch You Friends” deal existed. It doesn’t change my opinion…we love Tails.com regardless:-)





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