Confessions of a bottle sterilising sinner

My sterilisation sins confessed…

WP_20160229_001You purchase a shiny microwave steriliser and even clean the microwave. You place all the bottle components in their correct spot in the steriliser making sure the steam can circulate beautifully.

You read the instructions on the formula box and re-read them again just to be sure. After measuring everything in your meticulously clean measuring jug you empty the kettle, fill it up again with sparkly new water, boil and wait. You wait exactly 30 minutes for the water to cool. You set a timer just to be sure. Then go go go, get that bottle made up. Then you frantically try to cool it to drinking temperature with some crazy hand dance moves under the cold tap. Your other hand is busy trying to console the “hungry” baby.

Baby decides she doesn’t want the bottle after all. You discard milk immediately. In 5 minutes you repeat the above process again, making sure you wash your hands first of course.

Meanwhile, baby drops a dummy. You swoop in immediately. After thoroughly washing it in soapy water and sterilising it again…you hand it proudly back to the hysterical baby. Add “buy more dummies” to the shopping list.

Tiredness creeps in. You wonder if it would be terrible to make up a bottle a little ahead of feeding time? Just one. Baby seems to survive OK. How about two? Before you know it you’re secretly making up a full day of bottles and putting them in the fridge. You’re on the slippery slope.

Before you know it you’re guessing how much water’s in the steriliser and that water’s been cooling for 30 minutes…right? Can I fit all four bottles in the steriliser at once? The lid’s a bit wonky but I’m sure it’ll be OK…right..?

Ahhh, they’ve dropped their dummy again. I’m sure it’ll be OK if it’s rinsed under a tap?

You pick a dog hair off a sterilised bottle. It’s a sterile hair…right? You watch baby eat a mouldy rice cake off the floor and justify your actions.

You Google “What age can I stop sterilising bottles?”

They drop their dummy again. You wipe it on your trousers and hand it back….

Please tell me it’s not just me? If you’ve managed a year of perfect sterilising then well done. I’m just not that perfect!! Please don’t call social services…I’m trying my best:-)

My Petit Canard

3 thoughts on “Confessions of a bottle sterilising sinner

  1. I do not miss sterilising and I’m going to have to start al over again in a few months, ahh! I did have these amazing sterilising wipes though for the dummy, so I could just wipe it over as it was constantly dropped! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays! Kaye xo

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