Top Spots for NI Tots – Transport Museum

top spots

A lovely baby and/or toddler day out is the Transport Museum at Cultra, about 20 minutes out of Belfast heading towards Bangor. It’s on the same site as the Folk Park but with two slightly snotty kids in tow we opted for the indoor transport museum. It would have been much better value to visit both in one day but the Wee-est Green Folk just don’t have the stamina! We paid £9 per adult, under 4’s go free.

PicMonkey Collage 8

Plenty of parking (on a midweek, term time morning at opening time!) onsite so it’s very accessible – we didn’t encounter a step all morning! It’s also right beside Cultra station if you fancy public transport. Inside, Berkeley Bear is on hand to guide you through he exhibitions but, lets face it, if you have a toddler he will be leading the way! The vast dome shaped exhibition is every toddler’s dream and well set up to let them loose quite safely (mind the gap in a few places!) Full of giant steam trains some of which you can climb aboard and pretend to drive. The biggest steam engine built in Ireland is an impressive piece of engineering. Our toddler appreciated it’s big wheels but for him the railbus was the outright winner!

There is a cafe on this floor. It wasn’t open when we were there and to be honest Mr Picky is only currently happy with a very specific cheesy sandwich anyway. Bringing our own packed lunch is also good bribery for getting him back to the car – carrot  cheesy sandwich on a stick!! Personally, I would have loved a cup of coffee and a scone!

I’m sure the Titanic exhibition is great but I’m afraid our toddler careered through it in search of the next ramp to run down. We hurtled into the bus section. You can feel old remembering when you used to ride one of the buses only decommissioned in 1994! If, like us, you are currently in potty training mode this is a good place for a toilet stop! To fid the toilets proceed passed the horse drawn ice cream van, right beside the big yellow removal lorry. Again, you can briefly reminisce that when we were wee there were loads of red telephone boxes on the streets.

The ground floor is a collection of cars ranging from vintage to relatively modern. Of course the locally built De Lorean sits pride of place beside it’s timeline charting it’s rise to fame and fall from grace!

At this point we abandoned our trip. One sleepy baby was running out of rice cakes and a hungry toddler was getting fractious. We headed back to the car. If your children are still fully fuelled there is an aviation building on down the lane. We’ve been there before and it’s fantastic. Well worth a visit to see all the planes and sit up in a cockpit.

Safe to say we had a lovely morning. Mr Picky enjoyed his cheesy sandwich on the way home, read his take-home Berkeley Bear book and fell fast asleep shorty afterwards….perfect:-)



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