Top 5 Uses for a Colander

All hail the mighty colander. Great for straining all kinds of veg and pasta but I feel a true colander’s worth can only be found by the creative genius that is THE TODDLER!!

THE CLASSIC HATWP_20141103_001.jpg

That’s an easy one to start us off. Of course there are endless hat possibilities…policeman/workman/fireman/spaceman/robot? hat/helmet.


My little one loves to squidge the play doh through the holes. Probably best reserved for a redundant colander – you don’t want play doh in your spaghetti!


WP_20160214_009.jpgNow on my second child I’m persevering with introducing Montessori activities. I love getting ideas from How We Montessori and am amazed by the little lad on the website. I’ve loved Montessori teaching for ages, even before Prince George made it trendy! Sadly, J never showed any interest but I have high (and probably somewhat deluded) hopes that B will like this stuff. You can use straws or pipe cleaners. I went with straws as I had visions of my toddler poking his little sister in the eye! So far B has thoroughly enjoyed pulling out the straws and chewing them (glad I chose straws!) Maybe in another year or so she’ll master threading them back in! (I wonder how good Prince George is at threading a colander??)


This is great although far too advanced for my wee darlings yet. However the older Wee Green Folk can enjoy a game of indoor colander throw and catch when the kids go to bed…check us out!


Great fun with or without your little one still in the bath. I find tidy up time always goes better with a little fishing. Saves you individually picking out the million squirty toys and foam alphabet letters every night. Time saving and fun…win win!!

So go on, what are your top uses for a colander?????


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