New baby? 5 Dog’s Eye Views

WP_20151018_006It’s happened. You’ve been their trusty companion for X years but recently you’ve been sidelined. Giving their dating track record you didn’t think it would ever happen. Eventually you had to make room on the sofa for the husband – that was bad enough! Now there’s a new kid in town and it’s screeching round the clock and tearing up the house…no, they’ve not got a cat…they’ve had a baby!! How do you know….

1. Walks

Your thrice daily walks have been replaced by a brief buggy push if you’re lucky and only if it coincides with nap time. The walk time preparation seems to take longer than the walk. Snowsuits…raincovers…changing bags. Wake me when you’re actually ready to leave the house.WP_20160210_004

2. Toys

The house used to littered with your toys but ever since the baby started to lick your Kong they have gradually been placed out of reach….both from the baby, and from you. Ironically, the babies toys look mighty similar to your own toys…all very confusing!

3. Water

Your water bowl has moved outside ever since the baby was found blowing bubbles in it. Now you have to stand in the rain and wind to have a drink. You remember a time when you ate and drank in the kitchen with the rest of the family.

4. Confinement

You seem to have progressively less access to the house. You remember when you used to sleep on the human’s bed. Now there are stair gates all over the place. At least your chair remains untouched. To add insult to injury you’ve even been relegated to the car boot when you go for a drive. Once you were even left at home because there was no room for you and the buggy!!!

But, hey, it’s not all bad….

4. Company

Yes, there’s screaming but that leads to plenty of company during the night…maybe even a midnight feast or two. Nowadays the humans rarely venture out far – they’re much too tired and the baby pretty much has them under house arrest. They would certainly never be out passed 8 o’clock!!

5. Food

There’s food everywhere. The humans graze all day (and night) and did I mWP_20160210_005ention weaning. This is awesome. It’s literally raining food from the high chair! There’s also lots of new flavours…puréed sweet potato (it’s their first baby!), wet nappies, soiled nappies, dry nappies etc etc. For any self respecting Labrador this is food heaven.

So I guess it’s not all bad. As long as they don’t have another one…….TBC





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