Fruit and Veg Shop v. Supermarket



For this weeks “Going Green in 2016” challenge I’m focusing on the ethical origin of products (as well as continuing to reduce plastic from last weeks challenge). Spurred on by my plastic disappointment in last weeks grocery delivery I bit the bullet and didn’t order my veg online. Instead, me and my little one headed off the the local fruit and veg store to see how it would compare. It’s a lovely little shop and I did enjoy my trip but I’m left in two minds.


Reasons to choose the Fruit and Veg Store….

  • WP_20160208_001.jpgSupporting local businesses and farmers. The carrots came with half a farmyard still attached and they stock glass jarred honey from an apiary less than a mile away.
  • Probably less packaging? There were still plastic bags for loose veg like mushrooms but I was able to avoid the punnets at least. (I’m not sure why the broccoli had to be wrapped in cling film!!!!!)
  • I was able to choose my own fruit and veg and got new ideas for the kids to try.
  • It’s good for the kids to see not everything comes from the “Tesco man”
  • Loose oranges are 5p cheaper!!!

Reasons to stick with the supermarket delivery…

  • The supermarket is cheaper. My basket cost £22.70 in the fruit and veg store (the local honey alone cost £6…special treat!). At Tesco the equivalent basket cost £16.32 and the main compromise was that my honey came from a further 70 miles away!WP_20160208_004
  • The produce arrives at my door. No car seat, changing bag or buggy required.
  • There wasn’t a huge difference in the amount of plastic and packaging.
  • Much of my fruit and veg store shopping was not as local as I had hoped presumably because it was out of season.


I guess I want shopping locally to be the winner but for that to happen I probably have to make some changes myself. If I create the weeks menu around seasonal produce I think the fruit and veg store could come out on top – maybe not on price but I noticed it was the seasonal food didn’t have the unnecessary packaging. Buying loose veg which has come straight from the farm to the shop must be best. But, if I don’t manage to create a seasonable menu then, rather like today’s effort, the fruit and veg store isn’t really much better than the supermarket. My cherry tomatoes, kiwis and melon had still flown from some far flung land to be with me. So that’s set, next week this household is eating seasonably and repeating the fruit and veg shop visit…Eat Seasonably here I come…can I create a seasonal menu that my 2 year old will eat………wish me luck!!


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