Going Green with a Klean Kanteen (Review)

After a somewhat ropey start to my plastic reduction we finally had a success story…the Klean Kanteen Sippy Cup. The 12oz cup is stainless steel and I hope will last a lifetime – or at least see them through their sippy cup days! At £11 + £3 pp it’s obviously  much more expensive than my usual Tesco “whatever is on offer” sippy cup but I concluded in the long run it’s probably an economical enough option. The cup should last “forever” and you can buy replacement tops for £4 (plus pp). The caps look sturdy, are easily cleaned and can be sterilised so overall I think they should last much longer than my usual cups. At least only the top needs replaced so that puts a smiley face in the plastic reduction box. And, when the child is older, you can buy a sports top. I boughtWP_20160203_001.jpg a sports top to try with my toddler but I think he’s very much still at the “spill proof” cup stage!

Anyway, the new cups were an instant hit with my toddler and he is more than delighted with his purple one. His 10 month old sister seemed fascinated by hers and spent ages licking the outside:-/ She does seem to be able to lift it fine despite
it being heavier than her old plastic one and not having handles. I think it’ll take a day or two for her to fully get the hang of it…she was really quite distracted by the shiny red metal object that had arrived during nap time to really consider drinking from it!

I  bought our new cups from Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks  a great little online, UK based, shop of “non toxic” products for all the family. I think we’ll be visiting this site again and not just for sippy cup caps. They have all sorts of cool toys and gadgets. I’m tempted by the Abeego for food storage but that might be one step too far for the budget right now!

So, overall, I’m happy with the sippy cups. The kids love them and only the cap is plastic. While it may seem pricey when I think of the the number of plastic cups I’ve bought  and discarded a couple of months later I think the Klean Kanteen is a winner…if only I’d bought one when my little boy was 6 months and not 2.5 years!


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