Sleep, Frugal Pesto and Nostrils…

What a week. B has officially reached her 10 month sleep regression. Our angel sleeper has turned into a 1am monster, screaming at the top of her lungs for 2 hours solid…every night this week. Dr. Google says it’s normal. That’s no consolation. There’s plenty of advice on the internet – don’t do this….don’t do that…but there’s no info on what we should do to switch her off (or at least turn her volume down). Any advice very welcome!! Thankfully there was birthday in the house so I have been fuelled by coffee and cake all week:-)

In other news this week I lost my “Bear in the Big Blue House” virginity. Naturally, we have the potty training DVD. I thought the use of “diapers” and “potty chairs” might be confusing but turns out my 2 year old can cope pretty well with the Americanisations. More importantly it has helped with the ongoing potty trainin
g saga and with Daddy cast as “Bear” and him as “Tutter” the potty has got a whole new lease of life! Even the dog’s enjoying the odd swig of urine from a un-emptied potty…..urghhhh!

Arts and crafts were as dodgy as ever this week with my 2 year old trying to eat his PVA glue and paper pizza. He really doesn’t understand arts and crafts. I don’t know if it’s a boy thing or if it really matters anyway? He’s just too busy on other things to care about drawing and sticking. Give him a crayon and he’ll sing into it like a microphone! Specifically this week we’ve been enjoying “Songs About Animals” by Lucie Vernon-Long. It’s great. The lyrics are really catchy and it’s a lovely change from the usual Dingle Dangle Scarecrow. Look it up at and do the Badger Boogie or play air guitar in the Rock Pool!

Foodwise both kids and adults enjoyed my attempts at frugal pesto. I was maybe a little heavy handed with the garlic but turns out sunflower seeds make a pretty good budget replacement for pine
nuts! Good job everyone ate it as I’ve got a freezer full of it now. Thanks Jami at

That pretty much sums up our week. Everyone has survived so I’d call it a resounding success! I leave you with J’s profound statement of the week…

“Daddy, your nostrils are hairy……Daddy, my nostrils are bald!”

(2 1/2 year olds miss nothing!)




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