Potty Bubble

Potty training my 2 year old continues at full pace this week and to be fair he is getting the hang of it. The aforementioned “potty box” was a semi success. He can easily pee for prizes! But an even bigger hit is “Pee for TV” especially if it’s our family favourites, Bing or the Twirlywoos:-)

As the potty training experience encompasses our lives we do feel quite the experts in some areas. I thoroughly recommend the Pourty toilet seat and Becopotty.

I chose the Becopotty for it’s green credentials as an alternative to another bit of plastic “tat” to clutter up our house (and the world). We’re very excited about burying it in the garden when our potty training days are over. Be warned though, it doesWP_20160123_002 seem best used backwards for boys or you’ll soon hear a shout from the dining room that “pee pee’s on the floor Mummy!”  http://www.becobabies.com/

The Pourty has no green credentials (as far as I know) but it does work well and adjusts to any toilet seat. If I’m going to buy plastic I at least want a good quality that does the job! http://www.pourty.co.uk/products/flexi-fit-toilet-trainer/

Apart from some pee projectile issues the whole procedure is becoming much less messy and the dog hasn’t even eaten the poo from the potty for a least a week now…go us!

We’ve had a few car trips this week nappy free and so far the car seat has survived! The high-chair is another story altogether!

Despite this weeks successes there are some questions which still allude answers…

Where on earth do you put the crawling baby sister when using public toilets?! Dear only knows how parents of twins manage (maybe they can synchronise their pee stops!)

How many times should you clean a toddler’s hands for them to turnaround and grab on to the toilet seat/re-flush/stick their head in the toilet bowl….?

Is it really only us who thought we should demonstrate what a potty is for?

Outside of the potty training bubble we’ve also enjoyed mouth ulcers and teething – in separate sprogs!

At least the evenings are getting lighter so there’s time for a walk and breath of fresh air after nap times! With one in a buggy and the other on foot the kids are suitably separated for harmony to be enjoyed at least until we return home!


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