Top Spots for NI Tots – Libraries

top spots


FREE FREE FREE!!! Toddlers love books and Northern Ireland’s libraries are awesome. I guess some are better than others and it’s hard to comment on how good your local one is but if you live in Belfast you’ll be spoilt for choice.

We recommend Tullycarnet near Dundonald- great parking, great staff and great downstairs children’s area with cushions,rugs and soft toys etc. Only downside is that there’s no lift. It’s good to have the kids area out of the way of the main library so noise isn’t too much of an issue. To be honest I don’t think they mind noise as much these days – they’re glad to get the “business”. Funding is always being cut for these sort of things so use them or lose them. Get your baby a library card (there’s no lower age limit) and you can take out 9 books at a time and kids aren’t liable for fines if you forget to bring them
back. Saying that, you get emailed to tell you when to return books so there’s not really an excuse!

Apart from books many libraries run “Rhythm and Rhyme” sessions. Half and hour of singing and dancing and it’s also FREE. It’s a good family session for pre-schoolers and very suitable for taking multiple siblings. Good place to chat to other mums (or grandparents) and congratulate them on having left the house! Check out the libraries website for info. It’s a great wee session and it’d be a shame to lose them.



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