Top Spots for NI Tots – Ulster Museum

top spots

Ulster Museum

One word…FREE!!!!! This is a great rainy day activity. The biggest flaw for me is the lack of parking . Street parking is fine at the weekend but weekdays are a nightmare and it’s a shame really. If you’re good with buses, I take my hat of to you. I’d love to be that eco-friendly, public transport parent but so far I haven’t been that brave!

Once you make it inside the museum it’s a toddler dream. High ceilings,  long corridors, high (but safe!) balconies, lift buttons to press and that’s just the building itself.

There are three child specific rooms (that I know of!) – one for arts with colouring in, books and a snazzy light box with coloured blocks. The nature area has lots of drawers (requiring endless “watch your fingers!”) full of beasts and bugs that little ones love! The lower room has toys from around the world and days gone by. All very interesting for big kids too!

In the other exhibits my toddler loves “Segura” – a video installation in a dark room showing the changing nature of an underpass in Spain. I find it scary – certainly a far cry from Cbeebies! Anyway, it’s a great place for toddlers to run around and if they get a little education too, sure that’s great:-)

There’s a cafe downstairs (it’s not free!) and plenty of changing areas and toilets etc. so overall a great morning’s activity. Did I mention it’s FREE! PS – it’s closed on Mondays, don’t be caught out.

As a bonus you’re right beside Botanic gardens and the “Palm House” full of fancy plants. Also FREE and worth a nosey!


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