Top Spots for NI Tots – LX Gymnastics

top spots

LX Gymnastics

Not on the tourist trail but the  pay-as-you-drop-in Baby and Toddler Gym in Dunmurry (head east from Belfast towards Lisburn) is a hidden gem! Monday and Thursday mornings, 10-12. Free parking, easy access, friendly, helpful staff and the facilities are spot-on for toddlers (and their little sisters!). Costs about a fiver (although we haven’t been for a while so may have changed) and you pay for each child so it could add up but no more expensive than other soft play centres.

There are beams, trampolines, rings and a cool bouncy running thing (I’m not a gymnast!). Just go in and let your toddler loose – obviously you do need to supervise them and most will need a helping hand with the apparatus but they’ll love it! Great exercise and tires them out ready for a nap (hopefully!). We think it’s far better than any normal soft play centre!

There’s also a little kitchen area where you can make yourself a cup of tea but let’s be realistic, that’s never going to happen!

They also run classes for 3+years. We’re not at that stage yet but I bet they’re great!


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