Top Spots for NI Tots – W5

top spots

W5 Discovery centre

In the Titanic area of Belfast this place is amazing although probably best reserved a treat as it’s our most expensive outing (£8.50 for an adult but under 3’s are free…yay!) On the plus side, once yoW5u’ve paid in it’s an all day ticket so in theory you could go home for a nap or visit one of the adjacent restaurants then come back later.

There’s a giant car park which is fine but you do have to pay for it and it’s a fair enough walk for little legs, probably a buggy job for some. Inside there’s a musical staircase or super speedy glass lift to get you to the under 8 “discovery” area. Then you have any child’s dream play area – with only one exit to keep an eye on if your toddler is likely to make a break for it!

There’s water play, disco, real car, crane, boat, mirrors, fully stocked shop, doll’s houses, kitchen massive wooden train set, animal models the list goes on and on….

There’s also a cosy little part at the back with books and more baby appropriate toys.

Outside the under 8 zone there’s loads more to see and do but we’ve not needed to go much further yet!

Sometimes it’s a little chaotic when there are schools visiting but you could phone ahead and ask. There’s plenty of times we’ve been and it’s been really quiet – usually first thing in the morning. 


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