Picture books and potty boxes


Potty training…arghh! This is by far the hardest hurdle we’ve hit yet. We’ve been trying to potty train our 2.5 year old since the start of December. He did seem ready and I’d thought it would be easier before his sister started to move. Now, she’s crawling and he’s regressed from being rarely successful to never successful! It had started well but now the novelty’s worn off he’s quite happy to wait until his nap/bedtime nappy goes on to have a pee and poo fest.

Today I thought we need another tactic. So, I introduce the “Potty Box”. The sticker rewards just weren’t cutting it anymore and I don’t really like the idea of food bribery (yet!). Basically, I’ve filled a box full of some of his favourite things. We rotate toys anyway so most of the items have been in storage for at least a week or two so I’m hoping they’re all pretty exciting. The idea is he gets one toy for a pee and two for a poo – same as his stickers. I’ll keep you posted how it works out!

My other recent notion is about writing picture books. I spend hours reading picture books every week and just thought – why couldn’t I write one?! It does seem to be much harder than it looks. Try getting a beginning, middle and end into 500 words! Nevertheless, it is quite fun losing yourself in a land of talking animals. My imagination has never had such a work out! Pity I can’t draw as it’s hard to tell the whole story with words – but I guess that’s the whole point!WP_20160119_012


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