SAHM guide to pilates

So I quite like getting a bit of exercise. Pre-kids and pre-budgeting I was a regular gym bunny and keen (slow!) runner. I loved to head down to Parkrun for a chilled out Saturday jaunt around the park! Post-kids it’s somewhat more restrictive – in terms of time, energy and money! I try to get an hour for a quick run on a Sunday morning before Church and that’s it! Post baby number two I thought I’d try some pilates to do at home during nap times so this is basically my experience….

  1. Think pilates sounds fun. Get out laptop and spend rest of evening looking at pilates DVDs on Amazon.  Eventually choose a 10 minute solutions pilates collection.
  2. Shout at dog for barking at postman when he delivers said DVD. Kids now awake…sod it!
  3. Kids asleep. Put DVD in laptop and wonder why it’s not starting automatically. Flipping windows 10!
  4. Eventually get DVD to work and roll out yoga mat.
  5. Shout at dog for barking at postman again. Kids now wake…sod it!
  6. Kids asleep. DVD running. Yoga mat out. Lie down and consider a nap. zzzzzzz
  7. Kids asleep. DVD running. Yoga mat out. Finally follow through with about 5 mins of pilates before baby wakes up. Plan to do other 5 minutes later…never happens!
  8. Kids asleep. DVD running. Yoga mat out. Do a full 10 minute session and think this is actually rather good! Repeat once every blue moon!

That’s all rather tongue in cheek but I do have to recommend the 10 minute solutions DVDs. There are plenty of days when I don’t get 10 minutes but when I do I can really feel the difference in my core strength, in fact my strength in general. Of course, I also find the hokey cokey a good workout as well, especially when holding a toddler under one arm and a baby in the other!!

PS once upon a time I managed to do 20 minutes and felt really smug!


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